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Buy Trademark Registration Cape Verde We register your trademark with the Patent and Trademark Office of Kap Verde The price includes our lawyer s fees as well as all official fees for the registration an

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Spoor Fisher assists Cape Verde with concerns that International Brands face when looking to protect their Trade Marks Contact us here for more

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Trademark Registration in Cape Verde The ownership of a trademark is not automatically granted merely by using it Generally speaking only by going through the legal process of registration can you ensure rights to your trademark

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Power of attorney notarised Merger agreement document notarised or any other equivalent documents notarised with verified Portuguese translation

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Aug 14 2019· Up to date in what concerns the protection of Industrial Property rights in Cape Verde an overwhelming predominance on Trademark matters has been verified Such fact can be explained by the circumstance the IGQPI s technicians have a higher formation on Trademarks …

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Cape Verde is a founding member state of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries CPLP also known as the Lusophone Commonwealth and international organization and political association of Lusophone nations across four continents where Portuguese is an official language

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Applicants now have to start filing declarations of intent to use to keep their trademarks in force in Cape Verde Diana Pereira and João Francisco Sá of Inventa International report

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Trademark registration services in Cape Verde Our attorneys will file and process your trademark application with Cape Verdean Trademark Office The process starts with a Trademark Search Report and ends once you have your received your Registration Certificate

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Trademark Registration in Cape Verde We provide for the following Trademark services Trademark search registration Our Trademark Attorney in Cape Verde will conduct Trademark searches with Cape Verde Intellectual Property Office The Preliminary trademark search shall be conducted to avoid legal complications in the future

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In addition it is also important to know that the DIU s presentation is waived in the year of the trademark s renewal - In Cape Verde trademarks shall be renewed every 10 years also counting from the registration s date As a practical example let s consider that trademark …

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Registrables trademarks service marks collective marks colour marks quality marks certification marks Member of Paris Convention no Claiming priority under Paris Convention yes Filing international registration under Madrid Agreement no Filing international registration under Protocol to Madrid Agreement no

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Apr 27 2018· In the event trademarks owners fail to file the DIU the trademarks will only be deemed fully valid once again if evidence of use in Cape Verde is filed The letter of the law is not explicit concerning what kind of documentation would be accepted as evidence of use

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What is TMview TMview shows trade mark information It is · Free to use · Available 24 hours a day seven days a week · Updated daily by the trade mark offices · Available in at least one official language of each integrated office How can TMview help you Use TMview to · Check the availability of your idea for a trade mark name

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Cape Verde Trademark Registration Search Get a free search Get a free Basic Availability Report Our Offer to your email in 24 hours Trademark Email Leave this field blank Trademark Filing Our local trademark attorney at Top Law Firm will file your trademark for registration in the country and will represent you during the process

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Aug 15 2006· Until now it has not been possible to file trademark applications in the former Portuguese colony of Cape Verde there was no physical IP office and furthermore it was thought that the former colonial IP legislation had been revoked along with other colonial laws after independence in 1975

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Trademark search Cape Verde With this order form we deliver an availability search for similar pending or registered trademarks The report contains a statement from a lawyer specialised in trademark law regarding the registrability of a trademark and the risk of collision with trademarks already registered

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In Cape Verde trademark registration is mandatory to be granted rights over a trademark as it is a first to file jurisdiction Only in some exceptional cases can an unregistered trademark be protected

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The list depends not only on the category of the client but also on many other factors Individuals provide a minimum of certificates and statements but in accordance with the legislation of Cape Verde trademark should be used that is the client should establish its …

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Although Cape Verde is not a member of the Paris Convention provision is made for a claim to priority based on a first application in another country Types of Trade Marks Goods and services

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Trademark application in Cape Verde Our attorneys will file and process your trademark application with Cape Verdean Trademark Office After your trademark is filed we will send you a filing report plus a scanned copy of filed trademark

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What We Offer Trademark Study Trademark Registration Trademark Monitoring Office Action Response Resources Trademarkers LLC Register your Trademark - before it s too late Africa Cape Verde Central African Republic

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Home IP-Listing IP law firms in Africa Republic of Cabo Verde IP law firms and individual patent and trademark attorneys in Republic of Cabo Verde De Beer Intellectual Property Attorneys 6th Floor Vunani Chambers 33 Church Street Cape Town 8001

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Nos termos do Regulamento de funcionamento das Comissões Técnicas de Harmonização das Normas da CEDEAO o Instituto de Gestão da Qualidade e da Propriedade Intelectual IGQPI enquanto Organismo Nacional de Normalização coloca em consulta pública os projetos das Normas de Desempenho Energético Mínimos para Ventiladores Aquecedores de Água Elétricos Televisões de …

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Cape Verde Trademarks We understand that it is now possible to file trademark applications in Cape Verde although the legal framework for doing so is in question Following independence from Portugal in 1975 it was no longer possible to renew previously extended Portuguese registrations although cautionary notices have been an option since

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From the MV Plassey in Inisheer Ireland a steam trawler wreck famous from the British TV series Father Ted to Cape Verde s Cabo Santa Maria a wrecked cargo ship that had been carrying gifts for Spanish dictator Francisco Franco s supporters in South America each shipwreck has a story to tell

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Jun 15 2006· Registration is governed by the Portuguese Industrial Property Code PIPC of 1940 which is still in force in Cape Verde as well as local Decree-Law No 7 2003 dated April 7 2003 As of the end of March 2006 approximately ten trademark applications covering goods or …